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24 Hour Service
Reactive service when you need it – proactive maintenance to ensure you don’t. <More>

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire detection and alarm systems are often a legal requirement. More importantly, they often save lives. J-Tech Systems are experts in both the technology and the legislation involved. Our custom designed range caters for every application from the smallest premises to the largest, and encompasses not just the safety of your property, but also of your people. <More>

Fire Suppression Systems
Business can suffer irreparably when fire strikes. Critical areas of a business, such as plant, power generation, data suites, or server rooms are all areas in which a devastating fire could ignite, with disastrous consequences to you and your business. A properly installed and maintained suppression system, using environmentally friendly inert gasses or foams will ensure fire cannot take hold, and could save data and lives. <More>

CCTV Systems
J-Tech Systems are experts in CCTV. We ensure we maintain current training and educational records, in order to ensure that your system is always worth your investment. We ensure we are fully current with Data Protection laws, and other applicable legislation at all times. With this in mind, you can specify J-Tech Systems CCTV secure in the knowledge that you will invest in evidential quality equipment, which will perform again and again, providing maximum observation in the most cost effective way. <More>

Access Control Systems
An access control system can achieve many aims in an almost transparent way. Utilising small tags, or credit card sized card (which can double as company ID cards with suitable printing), it is possible to both provide, and limit access to an area or building in a number of ways, whether by person, or by time frame, or even by a number of other factors. <More>

Intruder Alarm Systems
A properly installed and maintained intruder alarm system remains the mainstay of effective building security. Modern technology ensures an absolute minimum of false activations, whilst signalling systems ensure a response even when telephone lines are cut. J-Tech Systems draw from a vast range of detection and control technology to ensure you have a system which is effective, reliable, and importantly, very easy to operate. <More>

Door Entry Systems
Door Entry Systems utilising audio or video technology allow residents in multiple occupancy buildings to retain individual control over who is admitted to the building, welcoming visitors safely, whilst rejecting unwanted callers without the need for face to face contact. <More>

Community Care Systems
Community Care systems offer the comfort of a response at the pull of a cord, or press of a button, whilst allowing elderly, or vulnerable people to continue to live with some sense of their own space. Often linked to a central control and monitoring point, these systems can be configured to allow on or off site response, remote communication with the calling party, and the peace of mind that only comes when knowing a response is only a button away. <More>

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