24 Hour Service

Any security system, no matter how well specified or installed, needs some routine maintenance to ensure optimum performance. J-Tech Systems have the expertise to ensure that your security system receives a full and proper routine maintenance check, at the appropriate interval. Every maintenance we carry out confirms with British or European Standards, manufacturer guidelines, and any other regulations, legislation, or practice set out for that system.

Fire systems require to have routine maintenance carried out regularly, and in accordance with the British Standard in order to remain compliant, and often, for you to remain covered by your insurance (and the law). Again, J-Tech Systems will ensure that compliance, carrying out all necessary routine maintenance at the correct time, and ensuring that your fire system remains effective, correctly specified, and optimally working.

Sometimes faults happen for no obvious reason, or due to a mistake, vandalism, electrical failure, or other influences. True to experience, these things never seem to happen during normal working hours. For this reason, every maintenance plan also include full access to our emergency response team, operating twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

We will also respond to non-contract customers, though for obvious reasons, we cannot apply the discounts our contracted customers enjoy to any charge accrued. You will always be assured of receiving the same outstanding level of service, however.

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