Access Control Systems

Access control is the practice of permitting authorised personnel whilst rejecting those not allowed into an area. The simplest form of access control is, and always has been, the lock and key. Locks and keys, however, become very inconvenient as numbers of personnel increase. And there is little or no control over when someone can use them, or what happens once they get lost.

Today’s access control systems can accommodate a vast range of configuration options, allowing some people access to all the doors under control, whilst others get only some, or no access. You can opt to allow people to access doors only at certain times, or on certain days.

Our design team can configure systems allowing for between one door and hundreds, with up to thousands of users, across one or multiple sites. Each door can have its own configuration, and this can even include a secure reader on both sides of the door.  All access control systems can interface with an existing fire system, to ensure safety and proper release of doors should fire occur. Additionally, the systems can utilise a time and attendance mode, effectively providing a timesheet function for your staff, simply by presenting a token or card at a reader when arriving, and then again when leaving.

Most of our systems interface fully with a personal computer, and can be run across a network if required. With this functionality comes advanced reporting, including roll call, user audits, unauthorised access attempts and more.

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