CCTV Systems

CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, used to be the domain of those who could afford any expense, or had a vital reason to invest.  Over the years, the cost and quality of cameras, recorders, and monitors have moved in opposite directions – as quality has increased, cost has decreased.

Today’s technology means that CCTV is available to everyone, on almost any budget.  There are a number of problems with this, however, just waiting to catch the unwary.  It does not matter, for example, if your system costs £1 or £1M – if the system is not DPA compliant, you will never use any evidence it collects.  Or, it may provide a perfect day time picture – and be completely useless at night when the crime occurs.

J-Tech Systems are experts in CCTV.  We have ensured we maintain current training and educational records, in order to ensure that your system is worth its investment.  We will not specify the cheapest possible system for the maximum reward, but rather will discuss with you several key points, establishing vital facts about your intended system.    We will discuss with you exactly what it is you want to achieve through CCTV, where you need to monitor activity, and of course, your budget.  Without knowing these things, in detail, no company can build a system which will meet your expectation.

We offer a wide range of technology to suit all applications – from traditional body and lens cameras, through Dome cameras, covert cameras, and fully functional moveable cameras.  These are  all available with myriad mounting options, to be absolutely cure of correct placement.  At our disposal, we can choose from a vast array of recording configurations, which now are almost entirely digital, to suit any length of recording time, to provide features such as remote, or internet access, even transmission to remote monitoring centres who can respond with calls to police, or key holders.  We offer both observation and spot monitors which provide crystal clear images, just where you need them – for review, or for deterrence on the shop floor.

Finally, whatever options have been selected, we never forget that there is an obligation on your part to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, and we will guide you through this too.

Our service team respond to both routine maintenance requirements and to fault calls – in the unlikely event of something going wrong.  If you are not currently a J-Tech customer, call today to put us on the case of your errant system, and enjoy the benefits J-Tech customers already know.

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