Door Entry Systems

Communal entrance ways are at best a topic of intense discussion at almost every resident’s meeting. More and more, police are called to move on loiterers and the homeless from these entrance ways, because whilst they provide a haven, it can also be disturbing for residents.

A door entry system will alleviate this problem instantly. It provides security in the communal areas, whilst putting control into the hands of the residents, not only that they know who is being admitted, but also saving effort as they can unlock the door remotely from their apartment or flat.

Offering audio only, or video and audio communication, this provides the facility to hear and see who is at the main door, without risk of direct contact. An aesthetically pleasing hand set is installed within each apartment, providing communication direct with the door panel, and the functionality to release the door.

J-Tech Systems can cater for all applications in this market, with fit and finishes to suit all environments, from fully vandal resistant, to decorative brass. Each panel can be customised to include the address, any number of apartments, and even trades functionality, allowing access to authorised trades, such as post and milk.

Every system we provide quotations for can optionally be specified for replacement steel or timber finished door and frame sets.

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