Fire Alarm Systems

J-Tech Systems can accommodate your needs within fire alarm and detection, no matter how small, or how large.  We offer a full range of fire systems, utilising the best mix of technology, and infrastructure for your needs.

No two fire alarm installations are identical, because no two buildings are ever identical.  For this reason  J-Tech Systems will never offer standard solutions, instead carrying out a full site survey to establish need, budget, and legal requirement.  From this survey, we take account of many factors, to arrive at a solution which not only meets your requirements today, but which will also continue to meet your needs, and legislative changes over the entire life of the system.

We can design the optimum system within the parameters of your budget, and required functionality, taking account of legal aspects, system design rules, interfacing with other systems, and a wide range of other factors.  J-Tech Systems can choose from a multitude of suppliers to ensure a best in class system, whatever the technology underlying that solution.

Of course it goes without saying that we apply the same rigorous standards when servicing and maintaining systems – whether you are already one of our valued contract customers, or whether you’re looking for a new provider.  We respond on a 24/7 basis when needed, and for contract customers we undertake to carry out routine inspection and maintenance in the month due, every time, so you are never less than fully compliant with current legislation.

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