Fire Suppression Systems

The purpose of a fire suppression system, generally, is to extinguish fire in a limited, self contained area, before serious damage occurs, and in a way which limits impact on the wider premises.

Typically, a fire suppression installation will utilise extinguishing media of a specific type, held in a canister under pressure. This is then released into a contained room when fire is detected. Of course, with far greater environmental awareness these days, no J-Tech System will contain any agent with CFCs, or that is harmful to the environment, instead employing inert gasses, such as argonite, or a “foam” based product such as FM200. It is possible to use traditional agents such as Carbon Dioxide, although this is normally only under circumstances which prevent use of other agents.

Whatever your requirements, J-Tech Systems will survey the area to be protected, and will advise on integrity, volume to be covered, and ultimately, will design the correct system for the task.

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