Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems today have a very mixed press – and the general perception is that nobody bothers about them anyway.  This, simply, is not true.  A well installed, well maintained system will command the correct response every time, and proper monitoring will ensure the response is also timely.

J-Tech Systems will design, install, and maintain alarm systems which fully comply with current legislation, which perform entirely as expected, and which , with proper maintenance, will last for years.  Using the correct mix of technology, common sense, and knowledge, J-Tech choose from a vast range of panels and detection devices to ensure your business, or home, is properly covered.

We can integrate intruder detection into access control and CCTV systems where required, providing total security solutions, depending upon your requirements.

J-Tech are also experts in bringing existing systems up to levels of compliance – if you have lost your police response, for example, or moved into a property with an alarm and you have no idea how to use it, or even if it works.

Whatever your intruder alarm requirements are likely to be, we will talk you through the process, identifying your needs, budget, and expectation, and we will provide the solution which fits.  We will plan the optimum maintenance routine for your system, and provide access to our 24/7 response team, just in case.

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