Here are some comments from our customer base. These comments have all been offered without any solicitation on our part. 

“….the attention to detail was evident from the outset. Having considered all our options, we felt our money was best spent on a J-Tech alarm system. Everything turned out as promised, and even late changes to keypad positions were no problem for the efficient and very professional team who installed our alarm.”

Mr & Mrs D.W. Evans, Sutton.

“….Having suffered several instances of pilfering and theft, I was becoming extremely concerned that a break in might wipe out my small business. After a lot of research, J-Tech Systems provided me with a digital CCTV system which has been wonderful. I can access my camera system easily from my home, from the shop, or even from my mobile phone to make sure everything is OK. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone, and will be using J-Tech again in the near future for my other requirements.” Rav Patel, London.

"James recently upgraded my home security system which was very much out of date and in fact James pointed out immediately that my maintenance company had not replaced the battery in 6 years! He suggested: 1 Upgrading the sensors (which would allow my cat to move from room to room without setting off the alarm) 2 Having points of contact so that when the alarm was activated a friend or neighbour could be contacted should I not be available 3 Installing J-Tech boxes on the outside of my house to give a very clear signal to prospective burglars that the system is newly installed and working (as it has flashing lights) and that alone would be a deterrent. 4. an annual maintenance agreement which was also very competiive James arrived with his team and worked efficiently and neatly and after testing the system he left the premises in an immaculate condition. I was able to leave my property for my holiday with much more peace of mind. So if you are thinking of making your home or business safe, do not hesitate to give James a call at J-Tech Systems – they give an efficient service which gives your home or business protection and gives you peace of mind. Can I suggest you don’t wait until you get that dreaded phone call from the Police to say your home or business has been burgled – protect what is valuable to you. Being pro-active makes so much sense especially in view of recent statistics that burglaries are on the increase in the area. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND JAMES – HE REALLY IS AN EXPERT IN SECURITY!" Sue O

"Security in your home it’s the most important thing. I didn’t want to be one of those who says "I wish I had an alarm system!" So I went for the best. JTech took care of my security system and they have done a perfect job. Very professional, reliable and cost effective." AR

"Safety is everything in your home. James made a huge difference, came to my house installed a security system in record time and at a great price. JTEC CCTV cameras have been defined as the best ever even from Police Officer. For a safer home choose JTEC systems." Antonella R

"Not only are they 100% reliable and committed to customer satifaction, but the company owner James, even came out to me on Christmas Day to fix my alarm which had gone askew! They work literally around the clock-24/7- assistance and whether, snow, rain or shine. I could not recommend J-Tech systems enough for all your home and company safety needs- i never come across a business which is so reliable, prompt and consistent, along with extreme professionalism." Claudia M

"Would you believe we had yet another intruder during the night at our house and the neighbours. 4th time in 2 weeks. Fortunately James Winnister’s excellent CCTV we had installed recently seemed to scare them off from our house and we picked up some useful images that the Police are reviewing. The Police have set up a number of special unmarked vehicle, plain clothes, units to patrol during the nights as burglaries are apparently up 40% in the area due the dark nights and the recession. The police sergeant of this unit told me that the night before last there were 10 burglaries in the area in just that one night. So please all be vigilant….and make sure you put that alarm on at night when you are in bed…I know I never used to until now. Thank you James for the excellent system you installed in our house – we can now sleep better at night." Keith B

"I just bought a 3 bedroom house, had it completely redone and once the work was all finished I realised I forgot an important bit SECURITY, which was really clever of me, I thought I needed the deco to be redone, James came to me and explain all the different options and provided me with a wireless solution which meant that my newly decorated walls would stay intact. J-Tech worked round the clock to make sure they got everything done without disturbing me while running my business, also he was always available on the phone when a gigantic bee was setting off the alarm by flying in front of the sensor. The system he put in place tells you exactly which sensor sets off the alarm and having discovered the problem he came over and reposition the sensor so that it would not go off again, as if that wasn’t bad enough I kind of forgot I was going to have curtains up in the living room hence the sensor that was there would have been obsctructed by my newly purchased Italian curtains so without making any mess and without disturbing my late lunch he repositioned yet another sensor. He also set up two cameras so I can see what goes on in the front and rear of my house even if I’m in Italy. J-Tech provided and outstanding service at a very good price, I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is as fussy as me. Thank you so much James." Antonella R

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